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Usein kysytys kysymykset suomeksi ( =Frequently asked questions in finnish).

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What is my username and password?

Your common Information Management Centre's username is not in use in TUTKA. There are unique usernames and passwords in TUTKA. Department's main users give usernames and passwords. Contact your department's main user.

How do I change my password?

Log in to TUTKA and select "henkilötiedot -> muokkaa" (= personal information -> edit). On that page you can change your personal information e.g. email and password.

My name changed. How do I change it in TUTKA?

Log in to TUTKA and select "henkilötiedot -> muokkaa" (= personal information -> edit). On that page you can change your name. Read more

Where is my CV in TUTKA?

There is no CV in TUTKA, because only the work done for the university or while working at the university should be recorded. "Omat tiedot"-page (= your own information) shows all the data recorded in TUTKA about you. The link to "Omat tiedot"-page can be found near the top of the page after logging in.

I cannot edit my publication/visit/presentation/...

First check that your name is in the list of authors (= tekijät), editors (= toimittajat) or specialists (= tutkija / asiantuntija). If the data can be found in "Omat tiedot", your name is recorded properly. The link to "Omat tiedot"-page can be found near the top of the page after logging in.

If the data is not in your "Omat tiedot"-page, you are not recorded as JY personnel. If that is the case, contact publication's department's main user.

If the data is in your "Omat tiedot"-page, but you still cannot edit it or cannot see the muokka-button (= edit), contact TUTKA main user (tutka-support@jyu.fi).

My computer is not in JY. Can I record data to TUTKA?

Yes you can. The use of TUTKA is not limited to the network of the University of Jyväskylä.

I recorded a publication to TUTKA, but it cannot be found in reports. Where did the publication go?

When you record a publication to TUTKA, your department's person in charge of publications must accept the publication before it appears in reports. Before that the publication can be found at your "Omat tiedot" (= your own information).

I have a collaborative publication. How do I record that?

One publication (or presentation or any other data) should be only once in TUTKA. If there is more than one author from JY, only one should record the publication to TUTKA. It can be the first writer, but it can be decided among the authors.

Every author in publication (specialist in guidance etc.) should be recorded. Also department and studysubject of every JY author should be recorded. You can select multiple departments or studysubjects by clicking with ctrl-button pressed down.

When you are recording work that you have done with others, it is very important that all of the other researchers (that are JY personnel) are recorded by selecting their names from the list provided. If your colleague is from another department, you have to select also his/hers department. If your colleague's name is not on the list in TUTKA of his department's personnel, contact that department's main user and ask him/her to add the researcher to TUTKA. On some forms, there is a possibility to type in manually to a text field the names of the other colleagues who are not personnel of the University of Jyväskylä. Remember that names of JY personnel should not be recorded in these text fields.

What is julkaisutyyppi (publication type)?

See detailed information about publication types.

Does TUTKA work in Macintosh?

Sometimes TUTKA freezes in Macintosh.

Based on our tests, the best combination to use TUTKA in Mac is Firefox and university's proxy. To make Firefox-browser use JY proxy, select Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings from the browser's menu. In settings, select "Automatic proxy configuration URL:" and write http://proxy.jyu.fi/

Note: JYU proxy can be used only within the JYU network. Outside the network the proxy can be activated only if VPN connection is used.

There is not a solution for Safari-browser yet.

How do I change my department in TUTKA?

If the department you work in changes, contact

See the list of department's main users.

You can change your study subject yourself after logging in. Near the top of the page, next to henkilötiedot (= personal information), select muokkaa (= edit). Select the correct study subject from the list of study subjects (oppiaine =study subject) at the middle of the page.

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