Visits abroad

Visits of the personnel of the University are automatically transferred from the university's SAP Travel system to TUTKA several times a year. (SAP Travel is the travel management system used in managing all the University's official journeys).

However, travels not reported in there (for instance of people on a grant) have to be entered manually. Furthermore, more data than is recorded in SAP Travel has to be filed to TUTKA. It is thus important to check whether all your travels have been reported in TUTKA, as well as whether the data is correct. Make also sure that each travel is reported only once. Note! Accepted Travel requests that do not have an associated travel claim are NOT transferred to TUTKA. To complete the transfer, there must be accepted travel claim in SAP Travel. Additional information: https://uno.jyu.fi/en/instructions-and-services/help-centre/it-instructions/systems-and-applications/sap-travel/sap-travel-travel-claim-from-approved-travel-request.

NB. even if a travel involves multiple target cities or is related to multiple events, it should still be marked as a single trip (as in SAP Travel) in TUTKA.

Visits form

The following items need to be entered or checked:


The department of the visitor must be selected. Multiple departments can be selected with the ctrl-key.

Study subject / section

Follow the instructions as for departments. If the section of the visitor is not on the list, contact the main user of the department. Also, none can be selected.

Research center / group

If the visitor is a member of a Research centre / group this input is important. The centers are listed at http://www.jyu.fi/tutkimus/yksikot/. Also, none can be selected.

Purpose of travel

Choose the purpose of the travel here:

If the travel involves multiple events with varying purpose classes, the primary reason should be chosen to classify the travel.

Dates: Start date, end date)

Enter the dates as dd.mm.yyyy

Visited event or organisation

Enter the name of the event (e.g. a congress, workshop, a course) or the organisation (e.g. a university or institute) the visitor visited. More details can be entered in additional information -box (see below). If the travel involves multiple destinations, please separate them with semicolon.

Visited department

If the visitor visited a person or group (e.g. at a university or institute) the name of the department should fill in here.


Enter the geographical placename (e.g. a city - please do not put country nor name of the conference.) here. If the travel involves multiple cities, please separate them with semicolon.


Choose here the visited country. If the travel involves visits to multiple countries, use the primary country.


Write about the financing of the visit. E.g. financing project.

Additional information

Enter more detailed information about the visit.

In case of a research visit, the host and the purpose of the visit should be indicated. For example: "Presentation and research cooperation on Important Topics with Prof. I.M. Portant".


Enter the name of the visitor by selecting the correct department and the person and then pressing "Add visitor".


Now you are finished. Save or cancel.

After saving, you will see a report of what you entered. You can edit, return to the main page of the department, add another visit and delete the visit.

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