Presentation form

Posters and abstracts (one-page summary of your talk) are recorded as presentations, not as publications. Only extensive conference articles are publications.

In presentation form there are the following fields.

Name of presentation

The title of the presentation.


The date that the presentation was presented.

The format of the date is dd.mm.yyyy. Only one day can be recorded.

The type of presentation

You can select from the following:


Check this if you were invited to held the presentation.

Invited presentations are plenary lectures or keynote speeches. If you have suggested the presentation your self (call for papers), don't check the invited -box.

The type of event

You can select from the following:

The name of the event

The name of the event, such as the name of the conference

Organizing institute

The name of the institute which organized the event.

Geographical place

The geographical place of the event.


The country where the presentation was presented.


Check this if the presentation is international.

A presentation is international when it is hold in an international seminar, workshop, conference or other scientific event in Finland or abroad.

A presentation is not international, if there are no foreign participants invited to the event.

If there are foreign postgraduates (who study in Finland) or researchers (who work in Finland) in the audience and that is the reason why the presentation is held in other languages than Finnish or Swedish, the presentation is not international.

Over 500 participants

Check this if the event has over 500 participants.


Select all the authors of the presentation.

  1. First select the department of the researcher you want to add. Select the department from the list (= "select the current department of the researcher") and then click the arrow button -> (= "show personnel of selected department") to show the department's personnel in the list. (Usually, by default, your own department and the personnel list are already shown.)
  2. Select the researchers from the list (= "select person(s)"). Multiple researchers can be selected with the ctrl-key. If the person is not on the list, contact that department's main user.
  3. Click the "Add" button to add the selected persons.
  4. There is a possibility to add researchers from outside the University of Jyväskylä. Write the name in the field below "Add an researcher (not JyU personnel)" and click "Add". You can add multiple researchers at once. Separate the names with a comma.
  5. After you add names, the window will refresh, and you will see the names added along with a "Remove" option to remove them, if necessary. If you add more than one name, a window will also appear to the left of the name, and there you can put an order number (1=first author, etc.). Press "update order" if you make a change to the name order.


If the type of your presentation is talk, you must mark at least one researcher as presenter by checking the box at the end of the researcher's name.

Department of the researchers

The department of every researcher involved in the work must be selected. Multiple departments can be selected with the ctrl-key.

In talks only the department of the presenter.

Study subjects / sections of the researchers

Follow the instructions as for departments. If your study subject is not on the list, contact your deparment’s main user. Also, none can be selected.

In talks only the section of the presenter.

Research center /group

If you are member of a Research center /group this input is important. Research centers are listed at http://www.jyu.fi/tutkimus/yksikot/ Also, none can be selected.

In talks only the research center of the presenter.

Additional information

If the presentation you're entering here is a talk and there is a abstract of it, you can add it here or add other information (for example coauthors).

When you have saved a talk or a poster, there will be a "Lisää esitykselle abstrakti"-button at the end of the page. Clicking that button, it is easy to add an abstract with the same information.

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