Supervisions and dissertations

Both completed and incomplete supervision are entered into TUTKA. In addition all dissertations are entered.

Supervision is entered to TUTKA only once even if it would last for multiple years.

Supervision and examination include also the given statement and therefore entering the examination statement in statements section is not needed.

Supervision of students in other universities is not recorded in TUTKA, unless this is done under JyU affiliation (e.g. working as an opponent of a doctoral dissertation).

How old supervision should be entered to TUTKA?

Because salary system evaluation (YPJ) is at least every three years, entering supervisions from last three years is enough


If the department has allowed (departmental decisions, in finnish), supervisions are transferred on monthly basis from Korppi education management system.

Notice! If information transferred from Korppi is invalid or erroneous, corrections has to be made in Korppi system. The Korppi secretary who is responsible of supervisions and users included in the supervision have permissions to edit the information in Korppi. Corrections are updated to TUTKA in the next batch import.

Adding supervision or dissertation

Supervision form

The form consists of following fields:


The department where the researcher receiving the finance or the grant belongs to.

Only one department can be chosen.

The field is obligatory.

Section or subject of the expert

When supervision is tied to a subject or section, it is possible to get the data shown on subject specific reports in TUTKA.

Multiple sections or subjects can be selected with using the ctrl-key. The field is not obligatory, none can be selected.

Research center / group

If the finance or the grant belongs to a reseacher center / group, the center / group in question is chosen. Only one research center / group can be chosen.

The field is not obligatory.

Supervision time / duration

Start and end date of the supervision is entered to system.

If for example the public defence of dissertation lasts only for one day, in the entered end date is same as the start date.

In case the supervised work is not ready enter estimated end date into the system or if the work is discontinued, the date of discontinuation is used as end date.

End date is the review date of the thesis in question.

The field is obligatory.

State of the activity

State is selected from following options:


The supervision is international only if the supervised is from university abroad.

The field is not obligatory


Supervisions or dissertations geographical localtion.

The field is not obligatory

Type of activity

Type of activity can be one of the following:

The field is obligatory.

Notice: If post-graduate studies are entered to system by hand, on graduation the type has to be changed to Doctoral dissertation or Licentiate degree.

Role of the expert

The role of the expert is one of the following:

The field is obligatory.

Name of the supervised person and topic of the work

Name of the supervised person and topic of the work are entered into this field.

In the field following formatting should be used: "Last name, First name : Topic of the work". If there are multiple persons being supervised, names are separated with &-character (e.g. Student, John & Student, Jane : Research paper). Same formatting is used in supervisions imported from Korppi system.

The field is obligatory.


Adding experts is done in two different ways, depending whether the expert is staff of university of Jyväskylä or not.

If the expert belongs to staff the expert is added by first selecting the department of the expert. Then -> -button is clicked which shows staff for the specific department. Staff is listed on the right menu and multiple member may be selected using the ctrl-key. Expert adding is confirmed with the "Add"-button. Action may be repeated so that other experts from other departments are also added.

If the expert is not found from the listings, please contact departmental admin and s/he will decide whether the expert is added to TUTKA.

Experts department does not matter on which department the supervision belongs. The owning department is selected in the beginning of the form.

Experts not belonging to staff of university of Jyväskylä or those who do not have TUTKA-account are added using the "Add external expert"-field. In the field experts names are entered in comma-separated list using following formatting: "Last name, First name". Experts are added with pressing the "Add"-button.

Expert is removed with "Remove"-button on the right side of the expert's information.

The list of the experts may be reordered by redefining new order number for the expert (only a number). Changes to ordering are confirmed using the "Update order"-button.

In case of dissertation the main supervisor should be the first entry on the expert listing. This head supervisor / assisting supervisor separation is shown on the salary report (YPJ) and on the supervision details page.

The field is obligatory.

How can I get my name on supervision which was created by someone else?

You can't. Only the person who created the supervision and the departmental admins are able to edit the supervision. Contact these persons and ask them to add you as an expert for the supervision. After that you are able to edit the supervision by yourself. If "Supervision information is updated through Korppi" is shown in the details of the supervision, the changes should then be made to Korppi system from where the details are updated via imports to TUTKA system.

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