Getting started

First go to the address of TUTKA: https://tutka.jyu.fi/tutka/

Username and password

The department's main user assigns usernames and passwords. If you need a username or password, contact your department's main user.

You can change your password after logging in (see Personal information).

Logging in

If you want to add or change information in TUTKA, you must log in. The log in button can be found in the upper right corner. When you have logged in, the button changes to "log out". Always remember to log out when you are finished working with TUTKA.

After logging in, you may get a page with a message (see Personal information, JyU username). If so, click "ei", which will bring you to the main page where you can add, change and view all the data in TUTKA.

Personal information

If you want to edit your personal information, including your password, go to the main page of your department and chooce "Edit" in the top of the page. Edit your information. Pressing "Save" in the bottom of the page saves new information and takes you to "Omat tiedot" -page. Pressing "Cancel" will bring you back to the main page of your department without saving anything. Only information with a * is obligatory.

Information you can enter or change:


If you want to change your password, you have to enter your new password in these two fields. Otherwise leave them open.

JyU username

This is the name you use when you log in to the universities computer network.

If you want to show data from TUTKA on your personal university website through the Plone system, the JyU username is also required here.

Descriptions about research and ORCID identifiers

Research descriptions and ORCID ids are recorded in Converis research information system since May 2017. The fields are no longer editable in TUTKA.


TUTKA is able to deal with different names and name changes (due to marriage for instance).

You can add or change your first names . This will only affect the first names that are used when TUTKA is used to make your CV.

The first name and the last name will be used in the data that you enter in TUTKA (such as in your publications). If they are wrong (e.g. misspelled) you can change them by pressing "Change your name..." which will bring you to a new page where you have to press "Edit" to correct misspelled name.

If your name has changed (e.g. due to marriage), you can change your name as it appears in all TUTKA data by by pressing "Change your name", which will bring you to a new page where you have to press "Add" in order to proceed with changing your name. The next page allows you to enter your new name. Save it by pressing "Add new". TUTKA will still remember your old name and will keep it in your old data. When you enter new data (publications), your new name will be used.

With the Add a previous name -button you can tell TUTKA your previous names without changing your current name. When you have more than one name in TUTKA, you will get new buttons and you will be able to move your data (e.g. publications) between names.

Birthday and place of birth

Fill in your birthdate as dd.mm.yyyy.


For instance Dr. or Prof.

Study subject and research group

Here you can choose your study subject and research group (for instance your Centre of Excellence) so that they appear automatically when you enter your data in TUTKA.

If you have data (e.g. publications) in TUTKA in which no study subject is (yet) recorded, you can record study subject to multiple publications (or other data) at once by clicking "Record a study subject to data...". Other possibility is to go to every publication, edit the publication, select the correct study subject and save. Then edit the next publication.


Choose here your nationality (in Finnish).

Default language in TUTKA

Choose here your default language in TUTKA. Not all the modules are translated in English, but you'll be able get automatically in English the ones that have been translated.

The default language will have an effect when you next time log in.

Automatically adding you as researcher etc.

When you record data to TUTKA, you have to add your own name (e.g. as author or researcher). Here you can set some automatic settings.

Other personal information

Address, Phone number, Fax, Mobile phone number, Email, Homepage, CV-details**.

** If you want to use "Omat tiedot" -page as your CV, you can add here information about e.g. your studies. The text you enter here is only shown in "Omat tiedot" -page.

View, check, and correct your data

You can check all your data that is recorded in TUTKA in "Omat tiedot" -page. (In order to get to the page click "Your data" in the top of the main page of your department, or click the user id link on the top right area of the browser page) The "Omat tiedot" -page shows you a list of all your entries in the different categories. To see the details of your entries you can choose "näytä" which will show you all the details of a particular entry.

If you want to change or add some information to the entry, you can now press "Edit" at the bottom of the page of the entry, which opens the page to enter data. (See for more details about the data that should be present in each entry and how you can change them at the respective item below in Adding data.

At the bottom of the page of the entry, "Return to your own information" brings you back to the "Omat tiedot" -page, "Return to the main page" takes you to the main page of your department and "Delete this.." deletes the entry.

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