Adding data

How to enter data

There are several ways to enter new data. Probably the easiest way is to do it through the list that you get with "omat tiedot". Here you can also see which data is already entered and whether it is correct. At the end of each category you can click "lisää" which brings you to a page where you can add a new entry.

Alternatively you can choose "lisää" from the respective categories on the main page.

After filling in all information for an item you have to press "Tallenna" to save the changes you made.

Important information for recording data in TUTKA

If the data is recorded correctly, every piece of information in TUTKA should appear only once. For example, if you have written a publication with colleagues, only one of you needs to enter the publication data in TUTKA. Before adding data to TUTKA, always check first that no-one else has already entered the data. "Omat tiedot" (= your own information) is a good place to check the database for your data, and for example, to see if a co-author has already recorded your publication in TUTKA.

When you are recording work that you have done with others, it is very important that all of the other researchers that are JY personnel) are recorded by selecting their names from the list provided. If your colleague is from another department, you have to select also his/hers department. If your colleague"s name is not on the list in TUTKA of his department"s personnel, contact that department"s main user and ask him/her to add the researcher to TUTKA. On some forms, there is a possibility to type in manually to a text field the names of the other colleagues who are not personnel of the University of Jyväskylä. Remember that names of JY personnel should not be recorded in these text fields.

Detailed description of data for all categories in TUTKA

(see also What information should be recorded in TUTKA?)

The following modules are not updated anymore (replaced by Converis):

Add / change / remove / use as template

From the department’s main page you can add (= lisää), change (= muokkaa), remove (= poista) or use a template (= ota pohjaksi). Use a template (= ota pohjaksi) means that you can base your data on something that is already in the database. For example, this is useful if your research is published in two publications. You have already put one of them in TUTKA. With "ota pohjaksi" you will only need to type in information where the fields are different. Some data, such as you as the author, your department, year etc. are likely the same. When you use "ota pohjaksi", the information that was previously recorded is used as a template, and then you can edit the information as needed.

To change or remove data, you first have to find it (e.g. a publication). You can use omat tiedot (= your own information) or reports (= raportti). When you find the publication, there will be buttons at the bottom of the page. The buttons are shown only if you have the right to make changes to that data. To edit, select "Muokkaa", to remove the data, select "Poista julkaisu".

To use the "use a template"-function, click "ota pohjaksi". First, you have to search for the e.g. publication, with laitos (= department), julkaisun nimi (= name of the publication), tekijän/toimittajan nimi (= name of the author/editor), ISBN/ISSN or vuosi (= year). In the search results, there is muokkaa (= edit) and poista (= remove) if you have the right to make changes. For every publication there is also a link "ota pohjaksi". Pressing that will take you to a template form that you can then edit to record a different publication (the original data used as a template is also retained in its original form).

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