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Sanat - Words Suomeksi ja englanniksi - Finnish and English terms in alphabetical order
bubble, structure, strenght, X-ray tomography X-ray absorptiometry X-ray scattering immunogloblulin-like domain
structure elucidation: X-ray crystallography X-ray absorption spectroscopy X-ray single crystal diffraction
X X-ray amorphous samples X-ray spectroscopy
XAD-4 X-ray crystallographic data X-ray strucrure
Xanthene dyes X-ray crystallography X-ray structural analysis
Xavier Marmier X-ray crystal structure X-ray structure
Xenobiotic X-ray detector X-ray structure analysis
Xenoestrogenicity X-ray diffract X-ray structure of methyl lithocholate
Xenon X-ray diffraction X-Ray Structures
Xenon fluorides X-ray diffrction X-ray tomography
Xerogel X-ray emission spectra X-ray transform
Xestia tecta X-ray fluorescence X-ray transforms
Xi baryons X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry XRD
XML X-ray microtomographic measurement XRF spectrometry
XML Schema X-ray micro-tomography XSL
XML skeema X-ray optics Xxx
XML skeemasuunnittelu X-ray powder diffraction Xylan
XP X-ray powder diffractometry Xylose Isomerase
XQuery X-rays
X-ray X-ray scattering

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