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Sanat - Words Suomeksi ja englanniksi - Finnish and English terms in alphabetical order
Chemical defenceCosts of defence – Warning signal evolution weighted Rn Women's madness
Deconvolution · Wavelet packet · Spline · Regularity Weighted vest Women's magazine
Erfurth, Waldemar Weight gain Women's magazines
Family–work conflict Weight loss Women's memories
Force, plantarflexion, walking Weight-loss maintenance Women's movement
Gallie, W. B Weight maintenance Women's sport
Humboldt, Wilhelm von Weight management Women's Studies
Mitchell, W. J. T. Weight of evidence (WoE) Women's suffrage
Paper industry, wood extractives Weight reduction Women studies
Software design – agile – sequence analysis – SDLC – Waterfall – organizational routines Weight reduction behaviour Women troubadours
Teachers’ working methods Weights Women with disabilities
Use continuance: word-of-mouth Weight stack Women’s employment
W. Weight training Women’s magazines
Wacklin Isaac Weikaim, Jacob Women’s organization
Waders Weimarin valtiosääntö Wonder
WAF Weimar Republic Wood
Waffen-SS Weiszfeld algorithm Wood ash
Wage Weiszfeld-algoritmi Wood-based components
Wage convergence Weiszfeldin menetelmä Wood-based materials
Wage curve Weiszfeld method Wood chips
Wage differentials Welding of wood Wood church architecture
Wage disparities Welding time Wood-decaying fungi
Wage flexibility Welds Wooded pasture
Wage formation Welfare Wooded pastures
Wage gap Welfare. child policy Wood extractive
Wage offer distribution Welfare for intoxicant abusers Wood extractives
Wage premium Welfare policies Wood-fibre
Wage premiums Welfare policy Wood fibres
Wage profits Welfare regimes Wood industry
Wage rigidity Welfare services Wood-inhabiting fungi
Wages Welfare service work Woodland key habitat
Wage setting Welfare society Woodland key habitats
Wage structure Welfare state Wood pasture
Wage work Welfare state institutions Wood pastures
Wagner Welfare states Wood pellet
Waist circumference Welfare system Wood pellets
Waist gain Welfare systems Wood-processing companies
Waist-hip ratio Well-behaved discrimination function Wood procurement
Wakes of innovation well-behaved Thurstonian type models Wood sterol (WS)
Walden Juuso Well-being Wood tiger moth
Walden Rudolf Wellbeing, work-life reconciliation, workplaces Woody debris
Waldere Well-being at work Word-association
Walk-friendly environment Well-being of families Wordbook of History
Walking Well-fare Word derivation
Walking ability Well-localized bases Word formation
Walking difficulty Wellnes management Word lenght
Walking endurance Wellness Word length
Walking exercises Wellness skills Word magic
Walking limitation Wellness technology Word-of-mouth
Walking speed Wellwere Word-of-mouth marketing
Walking strength Wende Word order
Walking technicolor Wendelin Werner Word problems
Walkway Werbekommunikation Word reading
Wall Werbesprache Word recognition
Wall murals Werbung im WWW Word retrieval
Wall painting Werewolves Words
Wall paintings Werner Heisenberg Word skipping
Wall thickness Werner Holmberg Word stress
Walpole Werner Sombart Wordsworth
Walser, Robert Werner Söderhjelm Word template
Waltari West Work
Waltari Mika West African dances Work ability
Walter Bagehot Westerholm Work ability index
Walter Everett Westermarck-seura Workaholism
Walter Ralegh Western Balkans Work and analysis
Walzer Michael Western constitutionalism Work and family
War Western countries Work and family roles
War and emergency powers Western Europe Work and home
War children Western European Union (WEU) Work and interpersonal goals
War crimes Western Finland Work and study
Ward rounds Westernization Work-based assessment
Warehouse management Western music Work-based learning
War experience West Germany Work burnout
War experiences Westminster Work career
Warfare Wet explosion Work-care reconciliation
War history Wet foams Work characteristics
War journalism Wetland Work community
Warka Water Workshop Wetlands Work conditions
Warm autumn Wetools Work conference
Warning coloration Wettability Work coordination
Warning colors Wetting Workday
Warning colouration Wetzstein Work description
Warning colours Weyl-Heisenberg bases Work design
Warnings WFD Work endurance
Warning signal WFMT Work engagement
Warning signaling WFP Work enthusiasm
Warning signalling WGS Work environment
Warning signals Wheat Worker
Warning sounds Wheat straw Workers benefit
Warning system Wheat straw Hydrothermal Lignin Polysaccharides O-acetyls β Workers' mobility
War on terror Whedon, Joss Workers' representation
Warrant Wheelchair participants Worker´s Sport
Warren Buffet Wheelchairs Workers sport federation
War reparation Whey protein Work ethic
War reparations Whiote phosphorus Work ethic feasibility
War rhetoric White adipose tissue Work experience
Warrior White blood cell count Work-family
Warriors White blood cells Work-family balance
Wars Whitefish Work-family boundary management
War separation Whitefly Work-family conflict
War sermons Whitelisting Work-family coping strategies
Wartime economies White matter Work-family culture
War veterans White Morton Work-family enrichment
Washback White paper Work-family integration
Washing machines Whitespot disease Work-family interaction
Washington Whitman Walt Work-family interface
Wasserstein distance Whitney cover Work-family interference
Wasserstein metriikka Whitney covering Work-family reconcliation
Wassily Kandinsky Whitneyn jako Work-family-relations
Waste WHO-Koulaistutkimus Work-family relationship
Waste collection WHO-Koululaistutkimus Work flow
Waste cooking oil Whole lake experiment Workforce development systems
Waste feedstocks Whole-lake primary production Workforce education
Waste incineration Wholesale business Workforce planning
Waste incineration plant Wholesales business Workforce preparation
Wasteland Wholesale trade Work hours
Waste management Whole-sediment bioassay Work identity
Waste material Wh-questions Working
Waste oil wICA Working ability
Waste treatment Wicked problems Working ability and well-being
waste treatment plants in Finland Wick theorem Working abroad
Wastewater wideband code-division multiple access (WCDMA) Working age
Wastewaters Widsith Working aged
Waste water treatment Widsith-muinaisruno Working career
Wastewater treatment planning Width of resonant peak Working carers
Wastewater treatment plant Wiener Chaos expansion Working class
Wasting syndrome Wiener criterion Working-class sport
Water Wienerin kriteeri Working community
Water absorption Wienin yliopisto Working conditiond
Water activation Wigner crystallization Working conditions
Water analysis Wigner-kiteytyminen Working environment
Waterbirds Wigner molecules Working group
Water chemistry Wiki Working Hours
Water circulation Wiki-environment Working ideology
Water color Wikipedia Working life
Water colour Wikis Working life change
Water-conducting fractures Wikit Working life horizon
Water content Wildberry Working life orientation
Water costruction works Wild brown trout Working life skills
Water exercise Wild carrots Working memory
Waterfall Wilderness culture working memory (WM)
Water flea Wilderness literature Working papers
Water Framework Directive Wild fish Working population
Water immersion Wildlife management Working sports
Water-level Wild origin Working time
Water mould Wild small mammals Working time control
Water oxidation Wilfred Mellers Working time pattern
Water policy Will Working while studying
Water pollution William Work integrated learning
Water pollution crimes William A. Dembski Work involvement
Water quality William Blake Work life
Water recycling William Boyd Work-Life Balance
Water relationship William Elliot Griffis Work life change
Water repellent William MacKeen Work-life skills
Water resource William Mann Workload
Water restoration William Nylander Work motivation
Watersheds William Ockham Work-nonwork boundaries
Water solubility William of Ockham Work of art
water-soluble iron(III) complex William Pearson Work patterns
Water supply William Rowan Hamilton Workplace
Water table Williams, Raymond Workplace accommodation
Water-table level Williams S. Wells Workplace accomodation
Water temperature William Walters Workplace bullying
Water transport Willingness to communicate Workplace communication
Water treatment Willingness to exert effort Workplace conflict
Water–gas shift Willingness-to-pay Workplace cooperation
Wave equation Willingness to share information Workplace development
Wave equations Willliam Ockham Workplace effectiveness
Waveform Willow Workplace health
Waveforms Willows Workplace instruction
Waveguide Will to power Workplace interaction
Waveguide characteristic Wilma Workplace interactions
Waveguides Wilson lines Workplace learning
Wavelength Wilson loop Workplace learning organisational commitment
Wavelet WiMAX Workplace learning pedagogy
Wavelet decomposition Winckelmann Workplace learning system
Wavelet filter Wind Workplace literacies
Wavelet-muunnos Wind compensation system Workplace mediators
Wavelet packet Wind energy Workplace meetings
Wavelet packet decomposition WIN derivative Work placement
Wavelet packets Windmill Workplace mentoring
Wavelet paketti WINDMI-malli Workplaces
Wavelets WINDMI model Workplace skills
Wavelet transform Window indexed vector Work practices
Wavelet transformation Windows Work process benchmarking
Wave numbers Windows Phone Work process enactment and redesign
Wave propagation Wind Power Work-processes
Waves Windrow composting Work process knowledge
Wax esters Windshield wiper effect Work process modeling
Ways of experiencing Wind tunnel Work productivity
W bosons Wind turbine Work psychology
W.B. Yeats Wing Work quality
WCAG Wingate test Work-related assessment
WCDMA Wingless Work-related education
WCDMA HSDPA Wing morphometrics Work-related identity
Weak Winnicott, Donald Work-related injury
Weak bosons Winning Work-related language skills
Weak convergence WINSE Work-related learning
Weak coupling Winter Work-related stress
Weak decays Winter aggregation Work-related well-being
Weak exogeneity Winter ecology Work research
Weak focus Winter feeding Work safety
Weak gravitational lensing Winter food Work satisfaction
Weak interactions Wintering area Work school
Weak intermolecular interactions Winter Journal Work sharing
weak Lebesgue space Winter limnology Work shift
Weakly coordinating anions Winter Olympic games Workshop
Weakly differentiable cochain Winter pastures Workshops
Weakly interacting massive particles Winter-seining Works of art
Weakness of Will Winter severity Workspace
Weak separation condition Winter sports Work stress
Weak signals Winter temperatures Work stressors
Weak tangents Winter War Work time banks
Weak ties Winter weather Work values
Weak writing proficiency Wireless Work wellbeing
Wealth Wireless campus Work–family conflict
Wealth inequality Wireless communication Work–family culture
Wear Wireless data transmission Work–family enrichment
Wearable electronics Wireless energy/power transfer Work–family interface
Wearables Wireless learning environment Work–family reconciliation
Wearehouse management systems Wireless multi-hop networks Work–family support
Weasel Wireless networks Work–life balance
Weather Wireless network virtualization World
Weathering Wireless power transfer World 3
Web Wireless sensor network World cinema
Web 2.0 Wireless sensor networks World citizenship education
Web 2.0 tools Wireless services World Government
Web analytics Wireless technology World heritage
Web-analytiikka Wireless telecommunication systems World history
Web attacks Wireless transmissions World order
Web-based collaborative learning Wires World organizations
Web-based education Wirtschaftsdeutsch World picture
Web-based instruction Wirtschaftsfinnisch World Poetry Day
Web-based interventioin Wisconsin Worldpolitics
Web-based intervention Wisconsin infrared phytofluor (WiPhy2) World Press Photo
Web-based learnig Wisdom World record
Web-based learning Wisdom of crowds World rivers
Web-based learning environment wissenschaftliches Schreiben World trends
Web-based learning environment constructivist learning Wistar rat World view
Web-based learning systems Wistar rats World war
Web-based teaching Wistar rotta World War I
Web-based thesis seminars Witchcraft World War II
Webblogs Witchgraft World War Two
Web browsing Witch-hunt Worldwide survey
Web communications Withdrawal World Wide Web
Web community Withdrawing substituents Worst-case scenario
Web content management Within-host interaction Worth
Web Content Managment Within-parent variation Wounded(ness)
Web course Witnesses Wound rotor
Web course design Witnessing Wrestling
Web crawling Witness poetry Writer
Web discussion Wittgenstein Writers
Weber Wittgenstein Ludwig Writing
Weber, Max WKB approximation Writing accross the curriculum
Weber as a political theorist WLAN Writing as inquiry
Weber Hans WLD Writing assignments
Weber ja nykytutkimus WML Writing development
Weber law WMNs Writing groups
Weber Max Wofgang Iser Writing in college
Weber politiikan teoreetikkona Wolf Writing instructions
Weber's law Wolf-Dieter Narr Writing Machines
Web forums Wolffin potentiaali Writing motivation
Web-kirjoittaminen Wolff potential Writing pedagogy
Weblog Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Writing process
Web of Things Wolfgang Döblin Writing program
Web-oppimisympäristö Wolfgang Iser Writing research reports
Web page design Wolframi Writing skills
Web pages Wolf spider Writing Studies
Web personalization Wolmar Schildt Writing task
Web-pohjainen oppiminen Wolterstorff Nicholas Writing technologies
Web-pohjainen oppimisympäristö Woman Writing to learn
Web-pohjainen seminaarityöskentely Womanhood Written documentation
Web publishing Woman manager written L2 and L1 Swedish
Web Services Woman managers Written language
Websites Woman politician Written narratives
Web-sovellus Woman small business owner Written skills
Webster's model Woman's World Wrongdoing
Webster’s horn model Women Wrtitintherapy
Web survey Women entrepreneurs Wsn
Web texts Women entrepreneurship Wsn implementation
Webtools Women/gender and politics, women politicians, women ministers WTC
Web traffic Women leadership Wuolijoki Hella
Web usage Women leadership research Wurzite
Webvertising Women leadership research history WVS
Webwriting Women leadership state authority case WWII
Weeds Women leadership stereotypes role models Www
Wefare Women managers Www-pohjainen oppimisympäristö
Weight Women research Www-pohjainen seminaari
Weight control Women's Bank Www-sisällön hallinta
Weight control practices Women's Coalition WWW-sivustot
Weighted average Women's entrepreneurship Www-sivut
Weighted averaging Women's entrrepreneurship Wynne in memorian
Weighted capacity Womens foofball
Weighted Clustering Women´s Gymnastics
weighted Hardy inequality Women's history
Weighted ray transforms Women's leadership

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