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Sanat - Words Suomeksi ja englanniksi - Finnish and English terms in alphabetical order
Agamben, Giorgio Genital traits Good and poor outcome in psychosis
chemical shifts,GIAO,DFT,halogenated diphenyl ethers Genius loci Good and poor readers
Clethrionomys = Myodes, glareolus Genocide Good clinical practise
commodification, global culture industry,MMO, RMT Genome Good genes
definition, Gardner’s paradox on lock-in range Genome delivery Good language learner
Didi-Huberman, Georges GENOME SEQUENCE Good life
First\-year students’ guidance Genome size Goodman Nelson
Frege, Gottlob Genome-wide analysis Goodness-of-fit
G1/S transition Genome-wide association studies Good parent
G4 wire Genome-wide clustering Good practice
GaAs/AlGaAs Genomi Good practices
Gababutins Genomic imprinting Good rehabilitation practice
GABRA2 Genomic reduction Good relationships
Gabriel Engberg Genomic responses Good sperm
Gabriel Oxenstierna Genomics Goodsuppositions
Gadamer Genomics/proteomics Google
Gadamer, Hans-Georg Genomien evoluutio Google Earth
Gadamer Hans-Georg Genomiikka Google Glass
Gaddafi Genotype Goottilainen romaani
Gadolinium Genotype by environment interaction Gorbachev
Gainful employment Genotype-environment interaction Gorillaz
Gaining of knowledge Genotypes Goshawk
Gait Genotyypit Gospelmusiikki
Gait analysis Genotyyppi Gossip
Gait biomechanics Genotyyppi ympäristö interaktio "Gothenburg Traffic
Gait disorders Genotyyppi-ympäristö vuorovaikutus Gothic
Gait parameters Genre Gothic novel
Gait pattern Genre-adaptive Goths
Galactose permease Genre analysis Gottfried Semper
Galantis Genre blending Gottfried Walther
Galen Genren synty Gouges, Olympe de
Galenos Genre populaari musiikki Governance
Galileo Galilei Genres Governance hierarchy
Gallen-Kallela, Akseli Genres of organizational communication Governance mode
Galleria mellonella Genret Governance networks
Galleria Nikolenko Genre-teoria Governance practices
Galleriat Genre theory Government
Gallie, W. B Genretutkimus Governmental change
Gallium arsenide Gentlemanship Governmentalisation
Gamal Abdel Nasser Gentleman thief Governmentality
Gamasina Gentry Governmentalization
Gambia Geobacillus thermodenitrificans Governmental rationality
Gambling Geobacter Governmental support
Gambling addict Geocaching Government communication
Gambling addiction Geochemistry Government enterprise architecture
Gambling problem Geodashing Government policy
Gambling research Geodeesit Government policy failure
Game Geodesia Governments
Game animals Geodesic Government schooling
Game-authroing Geodesic arc Governments’ communication
Game-based intervention Geodesic metric space Gp120
Game-based learning Geodesics GPGPU
Game-based learning environment Geodesic x-ray tomography GPI
Game-based learning environments Geodiversity GPS
Game-based pedagogy Geoff Emerick GPS-X
Game-based teaching Geoffrey Emerick GPU
Game constraints Geoffrey Giuliano GPU computing
Game controversies GeoGebra GPU-laskenta
Game controversy GeoGebra-ohjelma GPUs
Game criticism Geografinen reititys Graafi
Game definition Geographical differences Graafikko
Game design Geographical extent Graafinen kuvitus
Game desing Geographical illustration Graafinen käyttöliittymä
Game development geographical information in Sport Graafinen teollisuus
Game ecology Geographical information system Graafit
Game environments Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Graafiteoria
Game ethics Geographical range size Grade 1
Game experience Geographical variation Grade 2
Game industry Geographic differences Grade point average score
Game items Geographic distance Gradient Algorithm
Game-like learning environments Geographic information system Gradient Algorithms
Game-log data Geographic information systems Gradient constraint problems
Game logs Geographic location Gradient estimate
Game making Geographic variation Gradient expansion
Game mechanics Geographigal Information Systems (GIS) of Sport Facilities Gradienttialgoritmit
Game metaphor Geography Gradienttigeelielektroforeesin
Game narrative Geography education Grading
Game of Thrones Geography fieldwork Gradual change
Game play abilities Geokätkentä Graduate programs
Game-playing Geolocalization Graduates
Game programming Geolocation Graduate students
Gamer Geologia Graduate surveys
Game realism Geologian oppiminen Graduation
Game research Geologic Gradumuodot
Game rules Geological disposal Grafeemi-foneemi assosiaatio
Games Geological materials Grafeeni
Gamesmanship Geological samples Grafeenioksidi
Game story Geology Graffiti
Game strategies Geology Learning Graffitit
Game studies Geometria Grafiikan menetelmät
Game study Geometrian opetus ja oppiminen Grafiikka
Game task Geometrian oppiminen ja opetus Grafiikkakokoelma
Game technonology Geometrical convexity Grahn-Laasonen, Sanni
Game theme Geometric ergodicity Grain trade
Game theory Geometric framework Graminoids
Gametic isolation Geometric function theory Grammar
Game violence Geometric integration theory Grammars
Gamification Geometric morphometrics Grammatical development
Gaming Geometric optics Grammaticalization
Gaming controversy Geometridae Gram-negative
Gaming culture Geometrinen funktioteoria Gram-negative bacteria
Gaming situation Geometrinen optiikka Gram-positive bacteria
Gamma Geometry Gramschi, Antonio
Gamma band Geometry decomposition methods Gramsci
Gamma decay Geometry decompositions Gramsci, Antonio
Gammaracanthus Geometry teaching and learning Granada
Gammaracanthus lacustris Geoneutriinot Granaries
Gamma ray Geoneutrinos (Grand) Duchy of Finland
Gamma-ray emission Geophysical imaging Grand Duchy of Finland. school history. 16th-18th c. teaching of Latin. Reformation.
Gamma rays Geophysics Grand narrative
gamma rays, Radium, atomic system Geopolitics Granger causality
Gamma-ray spectroscopy Geopolitiikka Granger kausaalisuus
gamma-Ray transitions Geopolymer Granger-testaus
Gamma spectroscopy Georg Cantor Granularity
Gammasphaerolipovirus Georg Carl von Döbeln Granular packings
Gamma säteily George Martin Granular superconductivity
Gamma transition George Orwell Granulocytes
Gamow-Teller Georges Didi-Huberman Graph
Gamow-Teller beta decays Georges-Louis Leclerc Graph clustering
Gamow-Teller strength functions Georges Simenon Graph database
Gamow–Teller nuclear matrix elements George Washington Graph embeddings
GAMS Georg Henrik von Wright Grapheme-phoneme correspondence
Gangster City Georgia Grapheme–phoneme connection
GaOOH Georgi Dimitrov Graphene
Gap analysis Georg Kajanus Graphene laser patterning
Gap dynamics Georg Simmel Graphene membranes
GARCH model Geosemiotics Graphene nanoribbons
Gardnerin malli Geosemiotiikka graphene nanoribbons, Möbius
Gardner’s problem on unique lock-in frequency Geraniaceae Graphene pores
Garrett Stewart Geranium sylvaticum Graphene spirals
Gas Gerbert Aurillacilainen Graphic
Gas cell Gerbert d'Aurillac. Otto III. quadrivium. Graphical illustration
Gas chromatography Gerbert of Aurillac Graphical model
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Gerbert of Aurillac. Otto III. quadrivium Graphical open source software
gasdynamic ECRIS Geriatria Graphical overviews
G. A. Serlachius Oy Geriatric assessment Graphical symbols
Gases Geriatric medicine Graphical user interface
Gaseuous detectors Geriatrinen kuntoutus Graphic narrative
Gas-filled recoil separator Germaanistaminen Graphic novel
Gas flow transport method German Graphics
Gasification German as a foreign language Graphics processing unit
Gasification ash German as a language of science Graphite
Gas impurities German as a vehicular language Graphite interfaces
Gas ionization chamber german contemporary Literature Graphite surfaces
Gas jet German for Doctors Graph mining
Gas phase German-German discourse Graphogame
Gas phase chemistry German-German scientific dialogue in transition GraphoGame Kikuyu
Gas pressure German historical research Grapho-Game Math (GGM)
Gas purification German humanism GraphoGame-oppimispeli
Gas stopping cell German in academic and business settings GraphoGame technology
Gasterosteus aculeatus German in medical context Graphs
Gaston Bachelard Germanisation Graph theory
Gaston Paris Germanium isocyanide complexes Grass
Gas transfer velocity German language Grass-root initiatives
Gastrocnemius German lyrics Grassroots democracy
Gastrocnemius medialis German minority Grass silage
Gastronomia German Political Science Grate ash
Gastronomy German prose Gratifications
Gastrosophy German romanticism Grating
Gas upgrading Germans in Romania Gratings
Gateway German Unification Gravel bed
Gauge boson Germany Graveyards
Gauge conditions Germ-grain model Gravimetry
Gauge/gravity dualities Gerontechnology Gravitaatio
Gauge/gravity duality Geronteknologia Gravitaatiolinssiefekti
Gauge theories Gerontologia Gravitaatioteoria
Gauge theory phase diagrams Gerontologinen sosiaalityö Gravitation
Gaussian concentration inequality Gerontology Gravity
Gaussian isoperimetric inequality Gerundiivi Grayling
Gaussian mixture model Gestational diabetes Gray matter volume
Gaussian noise Gesturality Grazing
Gaussian processes Gesture Great Britain
Gaussian process regularisation Gestures Great Britain--Economic conditions--Periodicals
Gaussian random field Géza Csáth Great crested newt
Gaussinen satunnaiskenttä G force Greater Finland
Gauss' law GFP Great Man
Gaze GH Great men
Gaze direction Ghana Great museum
Gaze shifts Ghangsha kiln ware Great Nordic War
G.Barry Golson Ghost fiction Great Northern War
G by E interaction Ghosts Great power period
GC Giacomo Casanova Great powers
GC/EI-MS Giant dipole resonance Great spectrometer
GC/MS GIAO/DFT Great tits
Gdp GIAO/DFT theoretical chemical shift calculation Great web-spinning pine sawfly
GDSS functionality GIAO-HF/DFT Chemical Shifts Great Wrath
Geant4 simulations Gibbs process Greco-Roman political tradition
Gear ratio Giddens Greece
Geeli Giffen-good Greedy algorithms
Geelin morfologia Giffen-hyödyke Greek
Geelin muodostus Gift Greek adults
Geeni Gigantism Greek-Finnish Symposium
Geeniekspressio Gill abnormality Greek orthodox religion
Geenien evoluutio Gill damage Greek philosophy
Geenien ilmeneminen Gilles Deleuze Greek-Turkish border
Geenien ilmentyminen Gilles de Rais Green alga
Geenien ja proteiinien ilmentyminen Gilligan Carol Green algae
Geenien kartoitus Gill monogenean Green and yellow elements
Geenien luovutus Gillnet Green care
Geenien syntyminen Gini coefficient Green chemistry
Geenien toiminta Gini-kerroin Green communications
Geenilastu Ginin kerroin Green electricity
Geenin ilmentyminen Ginkgo biloba Green exercise
Geeninsiirtovektori Giovan Battista Strozzi Green fluorescent protein
Geenirakenne Girard, René Green function
Geenit Girardot, Dominique Greenhouse gas
Geenitekniikka Girl Greenhouse gas,grey waste
Geeniteknologia Girlhood Greenhouse gas emissions
Geeniterapia Girlhood studies Greenhouse gases
Geenitutkimus Girl in Translation Greenhouse whitefly
Geenivasteet Girls Green image
Geertz Girls' education Green infrastructure
Gehring-Hayman inequality Girls' literature Greenin funktio
Gehring-Hayman theorem GIS Green marketing
Gehörlose Lerner Git Green open access
Geisha Giving birth Green physical activity
Geishat Glabaali elintarvikejärjestelmä Green's function
Gel Glacial inputs Green's functions
Gelaattori Glaciations Green spaces
Gelassenheit‐ Glacier dynamics Green sulfur bacteria
Gelation Glanville fritillary Green sulphur bacteria
Gelation capabilities Glaserian Grounded Theory Green-tree retention
Gelatoituminen Glaserilainen grounded theory Green values
Gelator Glass Gregariousness
Gelators Glass bonding Greifensee
Gelattorit Glass-ceiling Greimas
Geldof Glaucidium passerinum Greta Museum
Geldof Bob Glawogger Greywater
Gel formation Gliding motility GRI
Gelig-Leonov-Yakubovich definition Glitch Grice’s cooperative principle
Gelis agilis GLMM Grid analysis
Gel morphology Globaali grid-based RF fingerprint
Gels Globaali etiikka grid-based RF fingerprinting
GEM detectors Globaali hallinta Gridless method
Gemeinschaft Globaali kapitalismi Grief
GeM model Globaali kasvatus Grief work
Gender Globaali konvergenssi Griffis William Elliot
Gender and age differences Globaali korkeampi integroituvuus Grigori Perelman
Gender attitudes Globaali kulttuuriteollisuus Grindability
Gender awareness Globaalimuutos Grip strength
Gender balance Globaali ohjelmistokehitys Groin
Gender-bias Globaali optimoint Gromov boundaries
Gender concepts Globaali optimointi Gromov boundary
Gender conscious therapy Globaali ratkaisujen stabiilius Gromov-Hausdorff convergence
Gender differences Globaali sosiaalipolitiikka Gromov hyberbolic spaces
Gender discrimination Globaalistuminen Gromov-hyberboliset avaruudet
Gender dynamics Globaalit aiheet Gromov hyperbolicity
Gender earnings gap Globaalit huolet Gromov-hyperbolisuus
Gendered agency Globaalit tietojärjestelemät Gromov-reuna
Gendered citizenship Globaalit toimittajat Grontologia
Gendered discourse Globaalit yhteisvarat Grooming behavior
Gendered parenting Globaaliyritykset Groove
Gendered politics Global Gross domestic product
Gendered positions Global analysis Groud reaction force
Gendered process Global and Lipschitz optimization Ground contact time
Gendered processes Global attractor Grounded theory
Gendered public sphere Global capitalism Grounded theory -menetelmä
Gendered violence Global change Grounding
Gender effects Global circulation Ground reaction force
Gender equality Global climate change Ground reaction forces
Gender equality policy Global collaboration Ground-state
Gender equity Global communication Ground state deformations
Gender gap Global connectedness Ground state properties
Gender habituality Global connections Ground states
Gender hierarchy Global continuous optimization Groundwater
Gender history Global convergence Group
Gender identity Global distribution Group 13-17 elements
Gendering politics Global education Group 13 dimetallenes
Gender issues Global enterprise Group-5 bent metallocene cation complexes
Gender minorities Globalese Group agency
Gender norms Global ethics Group analysis
Gender order Global flows Group behavior
Gender parity gap Global food system Group behaviour
Gender pay gap Global forest companies Group behaviours
Gender qualifications Global framework agreements Group communication
Gender research Global gene expression Group component analysis
Gender roles Global governance Group counselling
Genders Global history Group counselling  Career guidance  Higher education
Gender segregation Global homeomorphism theorem Group decision making
Gender-specific effects Globalisaatio Group decision support systems
Gender specific interests Globalisation Group discussion
Gender stereotypes Globalisation and education Group dynamic
Gender studies Globalised learning Group dynamics
Gender study Globalisoituminen Group effect
Gendersystem in welfare state Globalization Group goal setting
Gender-teoria Globalization competence group ICA
Gender theory Globalization curriuculum Group identity
Gene Global justice Grouping
Genealogia Global Knowledge Management Grouping and metrical structures
Genealogical method Global knowledge management framework Grouping of process streams
Genealogical publications Globally Distributed Organizations Group intervention
Genealoginen menetelmä Globally distributed teams and context Group interventions
Genealogists of Central Finland association Globally distributed teams and environment Group interview
Genealogy Global media Group living
Gene and protein expression Global navigation satellite system Group of automorphs
Gene clustering Global optimization Group personhood
Gene delivery Global perspectives Group processes
Gene discovery Global Positioning System Group processes in sport
Gene duplication Global social knowledge management Group programs
Gene-environment interaction Global social policy Group psychoeducation
Gene-environment interactions Global software development Group psychotherapy
Geneeriset pronominit Global software product development Group rights
Geneeriset taidot Global software products development Groups
Geneeriset valmiudet Global stability Group therapy
Geneerisyys Global suppliers Group training
Geneettinen Global system Group treatment
Geneettinen algoritmi Global taxes Groupware
Geneettinen analyysi Global trends Groupware interfaces
Geneettinen erilaistuminen Global warming Groupware visual interfaces
Geneettinen eriytyminen Global work Group work
Geneettinen kaava Global workforce Group work. school-parents- cooperation
Geneettinen korrelaatio Global working life Grouse
Geneettinen monimuotoisuus Globlisaatio Growing firms
Geneettinen moninaisuus Globlisation Growing hierarchical self-organizing map
Geneettinen muuntelu Globocnik Odilo Growth
Geneettinen rakenne Glocal Growth activity
Geneettinen riski Glocalization Growth allocation
Geneettinen tausta Glocal social policy Growth and development
Geneettinen vaihtelu Glochidia Growth centre
Geneettiset algoritmit Glochidiahost–parasite Growth challenges
Geneettiset ja ympäristötekijät Glochidium Growth company
Geneettiset ja ympäristövaikutukset Glochidium parasitism Growth condition
Geneettiset korrelaatiot Glocose Growth enterprise
Geneettiset tekijät Glokaali Growth environment
Geneettiset vaikutukset Glokaali sosiaalipolitiikka Growth factor
Gene evolution Glomerular filtration rate GROWTH HORMONE
Gene exchange Glomus claroideum Growth mixture modeling
Gene expression Glomus hoi Growth Mixture Modelling
Gene expression analysis Glossary Growth mixture models
Gene expression data Glosses Growth model
Gene flow Glossiness Growth model, ornamental fish, specific growth rate
Gene mapping Glove Growth of a firm
Gene ontology Glow discharges Growth of expertise
Generaion Glucoisosaccharinic acid Growth of knowledge
General Glucose Growth of new firms
General ability Glucose loading Growth or happiness
General Assembly Glucose metabolism Growth rate
General education Glucose uptake Growth strategies
General election Glue proteins Growth velocity
General formulas Glugoides intestinalis Growth venturing
General Health Questionnaire Glukhovsky-Dolzhansky system GRU
General history Glukhovsky–Dolzhansky system Grundskolans högstadium
Generalisaatio Glukoosi Grushin plane
Generalist foraging Glukoosiaineenvaihdunta GS454
Generalistinen ravinnonkäyttö Glukoositoleranssi GSI
Generalist species Gluon distribution GSM
Generalizability Gluon distribution-functions GTL bus
Generalizability theory Gluon emission Guadalupen Neitsyt
Generalization Gluon fields Guanidinaattiligandit
generalized additive model (GAM) Gluonit Guanidinate ligands
Generalized anxiety Gluons Guanidine
Generalized convexity Gluon saturation Guanine Quartets
Generalized estimating equations GLUT4 Guanxi
generalized Hausdorff measure Glutamaatit Guanxi China
Generalized inverse hyperbolic functions Glutamaatti reseptori Guaranteed approach - minimax approach - mixed probabilistic guaranteed approach - structural optimization - uncertainties
Generalized inverse trigonometric functions Glutamate receptor Guaranteed error bounds
generalized Lebesgue point Glutamiini Guaranteed lower bounds
Generalized manifolds Glutamine Guattari
Generalized memory polynomial predistorter Glutathione oxidation Guerrin Meschino
Generalized method of moments Glycated hemoglobin Guess my rule
generalized Newtonian fluids Glycerol Guess-My-Rule games
Generalized quasidisk Glycine enolates Guest
Generalized resistance resources Glycine max Guest-induced folding
Generalized solutions Glycoalkaloids Guest molecules
generalized Stokes problem Glycocholic acid Guest writer
Generalized trigonometric Glycoconjugate Guetta, David
Generalized trigonometric function Glycoconjugates Guggenheim
Generalized trigonometric functions Glycogen synthase kinase 3 GUI
Generalized trust Glycoside Guidance
General language proficiency Glykoalkaloidit Guidance and counselling
General linguistics Glykosidi Guidance and counselling services
General metric spaces Glykosyylitransferaasi Guidance and navigation
General music education Glyoksyylihappo Guidance assessment
General population Glyoxylic acid Guidance counsellors
General population studies Glyoxylic acids Guidance in higher education
General relativity Glyserol Guidance levels
General skills Glyseroli Guidance network cooperation
General systems theory GM Guidance policy
General upper secondary education GMRES Guidance provision
General upper secondary school GnRH Guidance service arrangements
General well-being GNSS Guidance services
Generatiivinen dialogi Gnutella2 Guide
Generating functions Goal Guided modes
Generating initial popualtion Goal achievement Guided-reflection
Generation Goal appraisal Guided waves
Generational order Goal appraisals Guidelines
Generational relations Goal conflict Gui de Warwick
Generation cycle Goal content Guild
Generations Goal contents Guilds
Generative dialogue Goal disengagement Guillaume Apollinaire
Generativity Goal effort Guilt
Generators Goal modification Guinea
Generic competencies Goal orientation Guinea-Bissau
Genericity Goal orientations GUI technology
Generic medicines Goal-oriented efficiency Gulf Crisis
Generic skills Goal oriented error estimates Gulf of Bothnia
Genes Goal progress Gulf region
Genesis Goals Gulf War
Gene structure Goals (abstract objects) Gunnar Fogelholm
Gene therapy Goal setting Gunnar Nordström
Genetic Goal stress Gurmandi
Genetic algorithm Goal striving Gustaf Philip Creutz
Genetic algorithms Goal theory Gustaf von Numers
Genetically diverse infections God Gustavian era
Genetic analysis Godparentage Gut
Genetic and environmental effects Godparenthood Gut content analysis
Genetic architecture Godparent relations Gut microbiota
Genetic assimilation Goethe Guy of Warwick
Genetic background Goffman GVL Live case
Genetic basis Goffman Erving G. W. F. Hegel
Genetic benefits Gogny force Gyestions
Genetic compatability Gogny-vuorovaikutus Gymnastics
Genetic conflict Gogol Gymnastics pyramid
Genetic correlation Going out Gynodioecy
Genetic correlations Gold Gynodioikia
Genetic covariation Goldbachin hypoteesi Gypsy Swing
Genetic differentiation Gold clusters Gyrification
Genetic distance Gold complexes Gyroscopes
Genetic divergence Gold compounds Gyroskoopit
Genetic diversity Gold double salts Gyrotron
Genetic drift golden age in Finnish national art György Cziffra
Genetic effect Golden open acces Gödel
Genetic effects gold(I)-alkynyl complex Gödel, Kurt
Genetic factors gold(I) complexes Gödik Fincke
Genetic incompatibility gold(III) Göran Magnus Sprengtporten
Genetic influence gold(III) complex Gösta Mittag-Leffler
Genetic influences Gold membrane Gösta Ågren
Genetic load Gold mining Hofstede, Geert
Genetic modeling Gold nanocluster Host–guest complexation
Genetic programming Gold nanoclusters Host–guest complexes
Genetic rescue Gold nanoparticle Host–guest systems
Genetic risk Gold nanoparticles Leggett–Garg inequalities
Genetic risk score Gold nanostructures Lung-function, gene-expression
Genetic risk scores Gold-silver nanoclusters Nándor, Gion
Genetics Goldstone bosons N li­gands
Genetic structure Golf online identity: G20 leaders: Putin
Genetic variants Golfharrastus Personality, Genetic, Twin, Young adulthood
Genetic variation Golfin opettaminen Political philosophy, globalisation
Genetiikan laboratoriokurssi Golfin oppiminen Psychosocial work environment, personal work goals, goal contents, effort
Genetiikan variaatio Golgin laite Shpet, Gustav
Genetiikka Gombrich Trade intercultural communication, general level of interest, common ground
Genetiivi Gonadotropiini von Döbeln, Georg Carl
Genette Gonadotropiinihormonit Water–gas shift
Genettinen erilaistuminen Gonadotropine hormones
Genitaalit Gonochorism
Genital damage Gonzo journalism
Genitalia Gonzo-journalismi

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